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2. Melanocytes is located in the bottom layer of the epidermis.
3. The epidermis contains the hair follicles.
4. If a sebaceous gland becomes plugged and infected, it develops
into a pimple
5. The subcutaneous tissue contains about 90 percent of the body's
De T
6. The evaporation of sweat helps increase the temperature of the
skin surface.
7. The skin makes vitamin A through exposure to UV radiation.
8. UV radiation hurts DNA molecules in skin cells.
9. Sweating helps lower body temperature, and people without
sweat glands can die of heat stroke.
10 The skin helps regulate body temperature by producing
sweat when the body is hot and by dilating blood vessels in the skin when the body is cold.
11. This system doesn't have connection with other body system​

1 Answer

  • Answer:

    2.) TRUE

    3.) TRUE

    4-5.) Na answer ko na yan sa kabilang Question...

    6.) FALSE

    7.) FALSE

    8.) TRUE

    9.) Na answer ko na yan sa kabilang Question...

    10.) TRUE

    11.) Na answer ko na yan sa kabilang Question...


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