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Learning Task 4: After doing the Ambahan and suggesting tempo for it,
answer the following question. Write your answer in your notebook.
1. Do you think the tempo and rhythm are appropriate to express the
message of the Ambahan? Why?
2. If you will choose a musical instrument as accompaniment, what
would it be and why?​

1 Answer

  • 1) Yes.


    Because ambahan is most often presented pitch or accompaniment by musical instruments. The ambahan has several characteristics. It is rhythm poetic expression with a meter of seven syllables line and having rhythmic eng-syllables.

    2) it would be classical guitar


    Why? Well, its portable, sounds great, and is polyphonic. Unlike most instruments, you can play chords on it, or contrapuntal (that means separate bass and melody line) classical or other music. That means it works great as a solo or ensemble instrument. Its just a highly versatile instrument.

    I love the way the nylon strings FEEL. Which for me is a big factor in classical vs non-classical guitar.

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