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Give 10 basic information about COVID-19​

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    1.Anosmia (loss of smell) is a symptom.

    2.SARS-CoV-2 binds tightly to human cells.

    3.Coronavirus can make babies seriously ill.

    4.The COVID-19 virus can live on surfaces for days.

    5.People who don’t have symptoms can spread the virus.

    6.People with type A blood may be more susceptible to infection.

    7.Some people with COVID-19 have digestive symptoms.

    8.You may already have been infected.

    9.The FDA has approved the first targeted COVID-19 treatment.

    10.Reinfection may be possible.


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  • COVID 19

    Give 10 basic information about COVID-19

    Base on my knowledge, here are 10 basic pieces of information about Covid 19, anyone could know.

    1. It is a popular disease that is known for its threat to anyone.
    2. It's a virus that is very alarming
    3. It's resulting in people to distance from each other
    4. This virus occurs in almost every country in our world
    5. This is one of the most very contentious problems we have encountered
    6. It causes problems physically, emotionally, financially, and mentally to anyone
    7. It is a virus that mainly affects our ways of living
    8. This virus affects our relationship and communication with others
    9. It limits our exposure to others because when this virus came, we have to apply social distancing to others
    10. It's a very awful and sad thing we have experienced.




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