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draw flowchart of practices followed for improvement in crop resources​

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    Crops are essential for human beings as they serve for the major source of food to them. When there is an increased demand for crops, then it becomes to generate enough amount of crop so that the criteria are fulfilled, and all other people are able to meet their requirements.


    When there are need to increase more crops there are different farming techniques used for increasing the production of the crops, like the use of fertilizers which are chemically processed and use of different kinds of pesticides to protect crops from insects.

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    Plants grown in longer area are called Crops which are used as  food or other purposes. The  Branch of agriculture connected with processing and  management of crop plant is considered as  agronomy. Crop production primarily depends upon the philosophy crops development  and growth, and many other  factors that affect the growth and development of cropping pattern  and how each factor can be managed by adopting and adjusting of procedure.

    The following criteria are important :

    Types of crops: Example: Source: Cereal crops:

    Names : Wheat, rice, maize, barley, oats etc. carbohydrates, Pulses ,Gram, green pea, pigeon pea etc. proteins Oilseeds crops.

    Soyabean, groundnut, mustard etc.Oils, fats and fatty acids

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