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Can anyone give me the summary of topi shukla in english?

2 Answer

  • Topi Shukla is the story of two children and the connection of one of the children with the other child's grandmother.

    Iffan and Topi Shukla were very good friends. Topi was a Hindu & Iffan was a muslim. Whenever Topi went to Iffan's house, he would sit with Iffan's dadi & chat with her. He was longing for warmth & love which was given to him by Iffan's dadi. She would always give him something to eat but he would not eat. Still, their relationship was solid & based on mutual affection. After her death Topi felt that he had lost a nurturer. He found Iffan's home empty after the passing away of Iffan's grandmother.

  • Answer:

    Topi Shukla is the story of friendship between children belonging to two different religions and a child and an old grandmother.

    Both Efan and Topi Shukla were close friends. They were incomplete without each other, but both had a thirst for love in their souls. Topi was of Hinduism and Ifan's grandmother was a Muslim. But whenever the hat went to Efan's house, he would sit with his grandmother. He loved her sweet eastern dialect. Dadi would first ask Amma's condition. Grandma used to give him something to eat every day but did not eat hat. Still, every word of his seemed to be like a jaggery. Hence their relationship was unbreakable. Efan's grandmother loved the cap as much as Efen loved it. After his death, the hat felt as if the grandmother's umbrella had ended. So Topi found his house empty after Efan's grandmother died.