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You have just opened your own bakery and confectionery. (Give it a name of your choice.) Create a paragraph inviting potential customers to your shop by telling them what distinguishes your products.​

2 Answer

  • Sweet Dream Bakery

    Dear customers you are willingly invited to my bakery. You aao come here and enjoy the sweet dishes that make you sweet. If anytime feel you my dear customers as my god i have do some wrong in paying or in our tasting you can come to me.

  • Answer:

    I’m glad to tell you about our new bakery and confectionery shop (put the name of your own choose like Sharma bakery ) that we have just opened few days back. Here we highly believe on quality over quantity. Our all products from cakes to pastries, are of best quality in the market. Here, unlike other shop we have a large variety of products that give you many options to choose from.

    Our bakers are most experience guys in the area, who the bake the mouth-watering cakes and pastries. And above all our price is not that high like other bakers in our area. If you want cheap yet best quality products, then please do come to our shops.

    As our shop as just opened, we have a special scheme for our customers. You can taste the free sample of our quality product. Taste it, before buying it. We are enough confident that ones to taste it you can’t stop yourself from buying it.

    Pay a visit soon, we will be glad to see you.

    Hope so this will help you :))

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