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Describe the autocracy nature of the rule of star Nicholas 11 which brought russian on the verge of revolution

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    Initially Russia was ruled by TSAR NICHOLAS. INITIALLY Russia was the third most populated country after China and India viz,.. 156million.

    Before World War 1 Russian army was the most powerful army in the world.

    But after the first world war it lost almost two million soldiers and civilians. There was a shortage of bread and food. On March 8th 1917 10000 women of St.Petersberg capital took to procession demanding PEACE AND BREAD. NICHOLAS ORDERED his army to suppress the demonstartors even by firing at the.

    Later the soldiers Alonso joined the procession. Within two days the king left his throne and escaped.

    Thus The Provisional government was set up in Russia.

    This is also known as March revolution.

    Any doubts

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