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Imagine you were president for a day and one task assigned to you "is abolishing social inequality." As president you would have tremendous access to resource and immense authpority over several matters. How would you go about it? Suggest ways that you think would abolish social inequality.​

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  • Answer:

    Social inequality has became a curse in modern world where nations are coming together and leaving boundaries. In this globalization phase equality is must and be a right of every citizen in every country. Similarly in India social inequality is a curse that is holding its roots in the conventional way. One solution can be to abolish the current reservation system and new system be framed which gives reservation only to BPL people as they are the ones those need it. Other is to removing the caste system that has eaten many generations.

  • Answer:

    n modern society social inequality is a major issue .

    if i would  president for one day I would make sure to the laws are obeyed by all. Every one play a vital role in the society for that i would announce policy of giving gifts to encourage the institutions to obey laws and providing equal facilities to rich and poor without distinction.

    I would make a call room in president office and will make a team who receives the complaints and every one will have access to president office and if someone feels injustice he can call president office and his complaint will be proceed immidiately


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