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Training a model using labeled data and using this model to predict the labels for new data is known as

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    techniques are designed to determine the condition of in-service equipment in order to estimate and schedule the timing of maintenance, an approach that promises to reduce the costs of routine maintenance and increase the reliability of the product.

    To implement this plan, you may consider:

    1.Measure and record the power consumption data for every machine, which can then be compared with the yield for the same period and a baseline identified as a goal for future improvement.

    2.Monitor vital components in a machine, such as motors, bearings, valves, pumps, and the heater. It can then be determined whether the temperature has increased, the current performance has changed, or if there has been any variation in the vibration frequency. If any abnormal issue is identified, an alarm can easy be issued and maintenance performed before the issue damages the machine, rather than relying on regular maintenance.

    Consequently, ICP DAS provides smart predictive maintenance solutions to enhance the efficiency and transparency of equipment monitoring.

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