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analyse the reason why democratic government is more accountable then only alternatives government​

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    Explanation: Because in this gov. every people have equal rights.

    if ruler work against the people then people have power to change the government.

    In this, gov. is much more responsive to the people.

    Because it allows us to correct its own mistake.

    because it have more accountable form of government.

    Democracy improve the quality of decision-making.

    Democracy provide a method to deal with differences and conflicts.

    Democracy enhance the diginity of citizens.

    the people of a democratic government have a major say in their government. These people are called voters, if they don't like what the government is doing they will vote you out.

    Because of the voters the government is much more responsive to the people.

    Democratic government has lifted people out of misery by using capitalism in varying degrees.

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  • it promotes the dignity of citizen

    it is suitable for a diverse country like india

    it involves the active participation of citizen in politics

    elections are held regularly so the poeple can choose their representatives

    it allows us to correct its own mistake

    prevents conflict

    promotion of equality

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