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what do you think are the advantages and disadvantages studying in the educational setup ?​

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    Indian Education System Advantages:

    The vast area of subjects covered ensures that students have knowledge about as much as they can.

    Some subjects teach students about the long lost culture of India, which they should be aware of.

    Indian Education System Disadvantages:

    Most subjects, such as chemistry and physics, focus on textbook knowledge, when they could be fun applied subjects to learn.

    There is lesser focus on physical education and sports, and more focus on studying all day long.

  • advantages in the education...

    Now start about education.

    You know anything they person you know and study is very important in life because something i don't know but from study you know this thing and you know better way....

    About disadvantages in the education..

    Im disadvantages in study you don't know anything they how you live in life because you not study they how do anything in life...

    Please mark me brainliest....

    and follow me...

    please mark me brainliest...

    please mark me brainliest

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