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Social Studies


which method did the native American tribes use to keep a radioactive waste dump from being built in ward valley, California?
A) popular election
B)Town meetings
C)nonviolent protest
D)signed petition

2 Answer

  • well they had a protest but i dont know if it was nonviolent

  • Answer:

    Non violent protest ( c )


    Non violent protests was one of the very effective way Native American tribes used to make their demands known to the Government. and to keep a radioactive waste dump from been built .

    The native Americans who were known as the five river tribes( The fort Mojave, Chemehuevi, Quechan, cocopah, and the Colorado Indian river tribes ) alongside environmental activists  occupied the ward valley in California which was the proposed site to build a radioactive dumpsite. the occupied it for 113 days in 1998, to protest a bill that was passed to build a radioactive dumpsite there.and eventually the proposal was dropped also because of a judgement made against it in compliance with the protests made by the Native Americans.