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Write the Spanish translations of the following sentences. Be careful to use ser and estar correctly. Also, remember to have your adjectives agree in number and gender with the subjects.

Pay attention to (a) choosing the correct verb, (b) using the correct form of the verb, and (c) using the correct adjective form.

I am short.
They are ugly.
You are sick.
We are sad.
She is American.

2 Answer

  • Yo soy bajo
    Ellos son feos
    Tú estás enfermo
    Nosotros estamos tristes
    Ella es Americana
  • The correct translations are: Yo soy bajo, Ellos son feos, Tu estas enfermo, Nosotros estamos tristes, and Ella es estadounidense.

    Translation is a term that refers to understanding the meaning of a text in one language, and subsequently producing a text with equivalent meaning in another language.

    The pronouns in English and Spanish are:

    • I - Yo
    • You - Tu/usted
    • He - El
    • She - Ella
    • We - Nosotros
    • They - Ellos
    • It -Ese/Esa

    Sentences in Spanish would be translated as shown below:

    • Yo soy bajo -  (I am short)
    • Ellos son feos - (They are ugly)
    • Tu estás enfermo - (You are sick)
    • Nosotros estamos tristes - (We are sad)
    • Ella es estadounidense - (She is American)

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