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"Fifty-Four Forty or Fight!" was a slogan associated with which issue? A. the Oregon border B. the expansion of slavery C. the Louisiana Purchase D. the U.S. annexation of Texas

2 Answer

  • The answer should be A. the Oregon border. 


    The Oregon border is a fifty-four forty or fight it was a slogan associated with issue.

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  • Answer:

    The Correct Answer is A.

    "The Oregon border".


    "Fifty-Four Forty or Fight!"

    • This was one of Polk's campaign slogan.
    • Many American wanted to own all of Oregon.
    • This slogan referred to what the northern border would be.
    • In the election of 1844 Polk wins over the clay, Polk believed in the manifest destiny and getting all of the Oregon.
    • In 1846 United States and Great Britain agree to settle the border dispute at the 49th parallel.