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Which section of the article BEST explains how the end of the world began, according to Ragnarök?

Question 1 options:

"Fimbul Winter's Fury"

"Preparing For Battle"

"The Gods Battle"


2 Answer

  • the answer is 1 , 2 , or 4 i'm not sure please mark as brainliest

  • According to Ragnarok, the section of the article that best explains how the end of the world began is that of the "Fimbul Winter's Fury".

    Answer: Option A


    The 'Fimbulvetr' or 'Fimbul Winter' is a period in the Norse Mythology that brings three consecutive winters without the season of summer in between.

    According to the scripts of the said mythology, this period of Fimbul Winter will mark the beginning of the Ragnarok. In this period, people will only strive for survival and forget all morals.