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The cost of a taxi is $2.75 plus $0.40 per half mile.write an equation to find the cost of a taxi ride that is m miles long How much would it cost you to travel 45 miles m=#miles c=#cost
1.C stand for ____.
2.what is the equation?
3.what is the solution?

1 Answer

  • 1) It tells you in the question c = cost, so cost would be the answer

    2) 2.75 is the fixed rate so we would keep it as is. C is the cost which would the total, so c = ?m + 2.75
    0.40 per half mile so you put 0.40m because it varies depending on the amount of miles
    That makes the equation c = 0.40m + 2.75

    3) Now to find how much it costs for 45 miles, you plug 45 for m
    c = 0.4 * 45 + 2.75
    c = 20.75
    Not sure why it isn't an option