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Pretend that advanced technology existed at the end of the French Revolution. Compose a one-paragraph email to a friend in another country that explains life in France at the end of the revolution.

2 Answer

  • Dear Maria,

         Hello. How are you? Just to let you know about the news pertaining to the French Revolution: The war is over!. After a lot of fighting, there was a change in leadership out here. The King and Queen were executed by the newly invented guillotine. Life out here is much better for the people. The clergy and nobility aren't as powerful anymore because the working class has been required a place in every vote because of the new constitution. Anyways, I hope you can come out to see me soon.

                    Sincerely, [Your Name here]

  • Sample Answer:

    Hey Nat,

    It's been a long time since we last chatted. I just can't tell you how fast life changes here in France. Most days I see soldiers in the streets of my town. My uncle Antoine tells me about all the traitors who've been put to death by the guillotine. Some of the news is a little scary—revolts in the south and rumors that we'll run out of food and starve soon. Other news is exciting, like our soldiers' victories under General Napoleon Bonaparte. I'm thinking of joining the army to fight for the republic after I finish school.

    Write back soon!