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Social Studies


Peter and kirsten share a warm relationship and count on each other for emotional support without sexual feelings for each other. according to robert sternberg's triangular model of love, this demonstrates __________.
a. infatuation
b. passion
c. empty love
d. intimacy

2 Answer

  • The answer is it demonstrates letter c. empty love.  Empty love. This factor is a more rational aspect of a love relationship. Commitment only is strong-minded by the strength of your decision to be with and stay with your partner. It is your preferred desire to be faithful and loyal and to commit to working on creating a loving, mutually satisfying, and lasting relationship.

  • d. intimacy

    Robert Sternberg's theory of love that states three distinct raising barriers, determination, enthusiasm, and engagement, consolidate to create distinct sorts of love. Intimacy is one of the kinds of three building blocks of different sorts of love in the opinion of Sternberg which encompasses the senses of feeling, perception, assurance, support, and sharing that oftentimes designates loving relations essentially emotional in nature.