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Social Studies


Julius is african american and mike is white; both are basketball players for high-school teams. they both score same number of baskets and have similar records of assists, rebounds, and free throws. according to information from your text, who would be viewed as having more athletic ability and as having played a better game overall?
a. mike
b. julius
c. it depends on the ethnicity of the person you ask.
d. they would be viewed equally.

1 Answer

  • The answer is "b. Julius".

    Black athletes are typically given kudos for their "regular physicality," while whites are credited for their "diligent work," "train" and "learning of the amusement"; as though Black competitors are normally given the endowment of awesome physicality, and white individuals end up incredible competitors through diligent work, teach and knowledge. Each Black competitor who is effective has worked hard and is learned of their game. Each white competitor who is fruitful has regular athletic capacity.