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Many scientists expect global temperatures to _______ by 2100.
a. rise 0.4-1.4ºc
b. rise 1.4-5.8ºc
c. fall 0.4-1.4ºc
d. fall 1.4-5.8ºc please select the best answer from the choices pr

2 Answer

  • the answer is  B. i just took to test and got it right .

  • Answer

    b. rise 1.4-5.8ºc


    The scientist have it that, in the 21st century the temperatures are going to rise. This rise is contributed by rapidly increase in global warming. In the developed and developing countries we have many industries and cars on the roads that have contributed to air pollution. These leads to global warming that increases the temperature on the earth's surface. The scientist have predicted a rice form 1.4°c to 5.8°c by 2100.