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How does the poem Hatred use personification in lines 21-28 to contrast hatred with compassion, brotherhood, and doubt?

1 Answer

  • Aversion is a strong disgust and must be avoided in order to live in harmony with others. Like jealousy, hatred fascinates us, fascinates and easily captures our imagination. The Bible to condemn hatred, "Dinner at the gardenen where love is present is superior to cattle and hatred." Hatred like anger is a poisonous tree not done in our orchard.
    Wislawa Szymborska adopts ridicule and talks about its growth, how to operate, and the hatred caused by it. Poetry has ease of conversation, under which serious purpose is hidden.

    In the opening stanza, hatred has been anthropomorphic, and it has been given the positive determination for corporate determination and achievement of goals. The hatred that is as old as human himself is visualized as a hunter (predator) maintaining perfect condition. I chase us with ruthless efficiency and have overcome all obstacles. The word "pounces" is meaningful, as it suggests that animals jump at quarry without meaning.